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Cory Fitch Minnesota

About Cory Fitch of Minnesota

Cory Fitch is a Minnesota-based hobbyist and sports enthusiast who enjoys a wide range of activities within his free time. Cory is a home cook who is interested in trying new recipes and travelling to different locations around the US and abroad to enjoy different cuisines and meet new people.

An avid Minnesota sports fan, Cory Fitch closely follows the Minnesota Wild and Twins. Cory also enjoys participating in off-roading, camping, attending country music concerts, and practicing health and fitness regimens.

Cory mentions that one of his favorite parts about enjoying a diverse range of hobbies is that they empower individuals to grow their understanding of the world around them and discover themselves in the process. He speaks to how participating in different activities is helpful for finding new friends, connecting with important people within your life, and maintaining a sense of adventure even as you get older.

Cory Fitch Minnesota

Cory Fitch Shares Tips for First Time Campers

As a camper who has enjoyed the hobby for years, Cory Fitch recognizes that it be an extremely fun way to spend time with friends and loved ones while taking advantage of the great outdoors. For first timers, camping can be a bit daunting as they may not know some tried and true tips for having a successful trip.

Here, Cory Fitch of Minnesota explores a few tips that could be beneficial to first time campers as they prepare to head out to a site.

Plan Ahead

One of the best tips for first time campers is to do your best to plan ahead. This is always a great idea because a lot of popular campgrounds require reservations and, on top of that, you are able to have a better time if you have an idea about your plans beforehand. After making reservations, it can be helpful to do a bit of research on the rules and regulations of the park, activities that the campgrounds provide access to, etc. Beginners will often prefer campsites that have access to high quality facilities and are not extremely remote because they are better able to find food, purchase supplies, or receive assistance should they forget anything for the trip. It also helps to have a map of the campgrounds that you have easy access to, should you get lost.

Cory Fitch Minnesota

Make a Checklist

A checklist is essential for any camping trip since it helps ensure that you don’t forget anything important. A few items commonly featured on essentials lists include a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, lighting (flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and fire materials), a camp stove, a stocked cooler, pots, plates, cups, and utensils, toiletries, water, and clothes suitable for the activities you will take part in during the trip. The better prepared you are for your visit to the campgrounds, the better your trip will be. Take the time to make a comprehensive list and be sure to include any additional items that you may need for your specific trip. Beginners will likely want to have access to some of their home comforts also such as games, snacks, books, and even a pillow.

Consider Your Meals in Advance

If you are in the habit of homecooked meals, you will probably want to have access to good food during your camping trip. Cory Fitch of Minnesota mentions that one of the best ways to facilitate this is by planning your meals in advance so that you can easily cook your meals at your campsite. There are a lot of different foods that you can make, but naturally many will prefer to make food that is simple but does not sacrifice taste. One tip is to get some input from the people you will be camping with, as it is a great way to gain insights into their preferences as well as some specialties they may be able to make.

Become Acquainted with Your Gear

One common mistake that first time campers make is they forget to check out their gear ahead of time. This can be an issue because it could mean that you end up with gear that isn’t well suited for the occasion or fails to work well. An important thing to check out first is your tent. Setting it up before your trip gives you the chance to check out how well it will fit yourself and others and help you gain experience setting it up and taking it down. It can also be valuable to check items such as your clothing, boots, etc. as well. Cory Fitch mentions that taking the time to break in a new pair of boots before taking them out on the trail can mean a much more enjoyable experience. Run through your checklist one by one and just try to be sure that each thing works exactly as intended as it will save you a ton of frustration during the trip.

Leave No Trace

Cory Fitch explains that leaving no trace is essential for any camper, whether they are new or experienced. You want to make sure that your camp is clean as it prevents attracting wildlife, bugs, and ensures that those who enjoy the site or trails after you do not have to deal with your mess. Unfortunately, litter and food messes are a huge issue in many areas, and it should not fall solely on groundskeepers and other campers to clean up after the few who do not respect the rules. Do your part and clean up after yourself during and after your trip.

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