Cory Fitch of Minnesota Understands Why Twins Fans Wanted to Call The Police for The Behavior of the Front Office

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Cory Fitch of Minnesota loves the Minnesota Twins. As we enter the final month of the regular season, there’s both reason for hope and reason for disappointment when it comes to this year’s Minnesota Twins. For instance, if you had told Cory Fitch back in April that the Twins would enter with a five game lead over the second place team in the division, he likely would have been excited to hear that. Still, the fact that the Twins are leading the worst division in baseball and are only 4 games over .500 is a bit of a letdown.

Cory Fitch and other Minnesota Twins fans want to call the police over their frustrations by this year’s team’s struggles of the bullpen. The offense has been relatively productive having scored as many runs as the vaunted offense of the Toronto Blue Jays, but they have often squandered leads late. Fans were hoping that the front office would do the right thing at the trade deadline and add some arms to sure up the bullpen for the postseason run. Instead, the Twins sat on their hands. Cory Fitch of Minnesota believes the front office owes the fans more. Unfortunately, Cory Fitch and other Minnesota fans can’t call the police to report a GM robbing them of a postseason run.

The only team more frustrated by their front office may be the Los Angeles Angels who were buyers at the trade deadline and have now decided to waive Lucas Giolito, reliever Matt Moore and outfielder Hunter Renfroe. Simply dumping salary while still in the season and cutting players that can make a big impact on the playoff race is pretty atrocious in the eyes of Cory Fitch of Minnesota.

All of these players are likely to garner interest from the Twins. The MLB waiver wire works similar to the NFL’s waiver wire where every team can make a claim on a player for free. The worst teams in the league get the first crack and the best teams in the league have to wait. Among the teams that are likely making the playoffs, the Twins have the worst record in baseball. All three players need to be considered by the Twins. While Cory Fitch of Minnesota understands that the Twins will enter the postseason as the underdogs of the tournament, they are going to have the opportunity to have homefield advantage in the first round of the playoffs. This is an opportunity that they should not let go to waste.

All any baseball fan can ask for going into a season is hope. And while the baseball season has been an ugly affair in the AL Central, it looks as though the Twins are going to emerge as the division champions. Cory Fitch of Minnesota hopes the front office and the fans get behind the team to give them every opportunity to compete against the very best in the American League. At a minimum, the playoff experience for some of the younger, rising stars on this year’s team should do wonders to build their confidence and prepare them for what will hopefully be many more division titles to come. Still, no one knows how often their team will make the playoffs. As the Phillies showed last season, you just need to get in the tournament and then anything can happen.

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