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Cory Fitch of Minnesota Understands Why Twins Fans Wanted to Call The Police for The Behavior of the Front Office

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Cory Fitch of Minnesota loves the Minnesota Twins. As we enter the final month of the regular season, there’s both reason for hope and reason for disappointment when it comes to this year’s Minnesota Twins. For instance, if you had told Cory Fitch back in April that the Twins would enter with a five game lead over the second place team in the division, he likely would have been excited to hear that. Still, the fact that the Twins are leading the worst division in baseball and are only 4 games over .500 is a bit of a letdown.

Cory Fitch and other Minnesota Twins fans want to call the police over their frustrations by this year’s team’s struggles of the bullpen. The offense has been relatively productive having scored as many runs as the vaunted offense of the Toronto Blue Jays, but they have often squandered leads late. Fans were hoping that the front office would do the right thing at the trade deadline and add some arms to sure up the bullpen for the postseason run. Instead, the Twins sat on their hands. Cory Fitch of Minnesota believes the front office owes the fans more. Unfortunately, Cory Fitch and other Minnesota fans can’t call the police to report a GM robbing them of a postseason run.

The only team more frustrated by their front office may be the Los Angeles Angels who were buyers at the trade deadline and have now decided to waive Lucas Giolito, reliever Matt Moore and outfielder Hunter Renfroe. Simply dumping salary while still in the season and cutting players that can make a big impact on the playoff race is pretty atrocious in the eyes of Cory Fitch of Minnesota.

All of these players are likely to garner interest from the Twins. The MLB waiver wire works similar to the NFL’s waiver wire where every team can make a claim on a player for free. The worst teams in the league get the first crack and the best teams in the league have to wait. Among the teams that are likely making the playoffs, the Twins have the worst record in baseball. All three players need to be considered by the Twins. While Cory Fitch of Minnesota understands that the Twins will enter the postseason as the underdogs of the tournament, they are going to have the opportunity to have homefield advantage in the first round of the playoffs. This is an opportunity that they should not let go to waste.

All any baseball fan can ask for going into a season is hope. And while the baseball season has been an ugly affair in the AL Central, it looks as though the Twins are going to emerge as the division champions. Cory Fitch of Minnesota hopes the front office and the fans get behind the team to give them every opportunity to compete against the very best in the American League. At a minimum, the playoff experience for some of the younger, rising stars on this year’s team should do wonders to build their confidence and prepare them for what will hopefully be many more division titles to come. Still, no one knows how often their team will make the playoffs. As the Phillies showed last season, you just need to get in the tournament and then anything can happen.

Unlocking the Secrets of Lucid Dreaming: Techniques and Experiences

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Everybody dreams — whether they remember it or not.

But not everyone experiences lucid dreaming. According to estimates, about 55% of people have at least one lucid dream in their life, when the dreamer knows that they are dreaming and are fully aware of their consciousness. Around 23% of lucid dreamers say they have such dreams at least one time a month.

While it may sound, well, odd at first, Cory Fitch Police notes that many believe lucid dreaming allows individuals to control what goes on in their dreams. And that’s why it is potentially so powerful.

Lucid Dreaming 101

For some, lucid dreams seem very realistic, while others say the dreams blur the lines between reality and fiction. For others, every single lucid dream feels different from the last.

What’s universal is that lucid dreaming is a state where one is aware that they are aware — aware of their consciousness as a type of metacognition. Scientific research into lucid dreaming has escalated during the past few decades, which has led to the development of techniques to induce lucid dreaming, its potential to treat certain medical conditions, and more.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

While research into lucid dreaming is still unlocking its secret, there are several potential benefits to experiencing this self-aware dream environment.

Researchers have linked lucid dreaming with facilitating higher levels of creativity, providing inspiration for everyone from inventors to writers and artists. In addition, it may actually allow people to effectively practice and hone new skills in a controlled, safe environment.

Lucid dreaming is also viewed as a way for people to experience psychological healing through exploring their subconscious and confronting fears. The ultimate goal: learning more about oneself in ways never used before.

Others have reported that lucid dreaming offers freedom to explore fantasies unbridled from physical limitations and that lucid dreams offer personal guidance and heightened awareness.

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Unlocking Vivid Dreams

The potential of lucid dreaming to clear up mysteries of consciousness is promising enough for people to develop techniques that induce the state. One technique is to prepare for lucid dreaming at night by focusing on questioning one’s reality through the day in the hope that reality questioning transfers to sleep.

Another approach is keeping a dream journal, where one records dreams, they recall in the morning in order to decipher patterns and increase the chance of dream recall. Reviewing dream journal content may trigger lucid dreaming. Others recommend practicing meditation or mindfulness exercises before bed to encourage entering lucid dreaming with a heightened awareness state.

All-day awareness may also lead to lucid dreaming since it encourages constant awareness of one’s surroundings, senses, and the world’s logic. Most lucid dreaming methods are designed to help people maintain consciousness when they are in REM, or rapid eye movement, sleep when lucid dreaming takes place.

One notable method is wake-initiated lucid dreaming (WILD). In this approach, someone lies down and relaxes until they enter hypnagogic hallucination, which is experienced right before falling asleep. In WILD, one begins to enter a dream straight from waking life, helping the mind stay aware and conscious even when the body enters sleep.

Unforgettable Camping Destinations Around the World

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Whether it’s being surrounded by forest under a blanket of stars or falling asleep to the sounds of waves crashing on a sandy beach, camping offers an unequaled and up close and personal experience with nature.

Camping is an adventure, but one that can also provide solitude — and there are thousands of camping destinations around the world for travelers to choose from. Cory Fitch police details a few of the ways campers can experience the great global outdoors.

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

The Canadian Rockies’ largest national park also happens to be the second-largest dark sky preserve in the world, making it a dream destination for star and galaxy gazing. But that’s not all.

Across the park’s five regions, visitors can explore seemingly endless biking trails, observe (from a safe distance) wildlife including bears and elk, and numerous, gorgeous camping options open across four seasons. Another great camping option in Alberta is Banff National Park, with its alpine meadows, turquoise lakes, and majestic mountains.

Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

A person can spend a year camping at Yosemite National Park and not come close to experiencing it all. It’s known for its 1,200 square miles of breathtaking valleys, giant trees, huge waterfalls, and the iconic Half Dome, but Yosemite is also renowned for its campgrounds and overnight hiking excursions.

The park’s extensive backcountry campgrounds include the all-year Upper Pines area and popular areas north of Yosemite Valley, including Hodgdon Meadow and Tamarack Flat.

Nubra Valley, Ladakh, India

This remote part of the Indian Himalayas is a spot unlike any other, from its extremely stark hillsides to its history as an important route on the Silk Road trade route. It has everything from Buddhist monasteries to dune-dotted valley floors, poplar groves to the wide Shyok River.

Many visitors either opt to camp within view of its snowy mountains or in the spring or summer in its wide valleys under the bluer-than-blue sky.

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Garden Route National Park, Western and Eastern Capes, South Africa

A visit to Garden Route National Park on the South African coast is nothing less than epic, replete with unmatched mountain vistas and large beaches. Campers can explore for days, either sticking in one spot or moving camp up and down the coast through Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, and Storms River Mouth.
It’s a thrilling combination of mountain peaks and ocean waves but camping sites throughout its indigenous forests are perhaps the most memorable experiences of all.

Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Some call Flamenco Beach the most beautiful in the world. It’s hard to argue with that, with its sterling turquoise water and white sand.

It also happens to be wave-less, which makes it perfect for camping. Visitors are free to set up shop in its many camping areas, which also offer bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms. While it’s a public — and very popular — beach, campers flock to Flamenco month after month, season after season for the chance to fall asleep and wake up in paradise.

Catching The Classic Car Bug: Why People Buy and Restore Classic Cars

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With the cost of classic car restorations running as high as $60,000, why are these vehicles so popular among automotive fanatics? For starters, many collectors are willing (and able) to fix it up themselves, considerably decreasing the required budget. But that still doesn’t explain the entire allure of old cars.

Cory Fitch of Minnesota explains that to run-of-the-mill drivers, the thought of spending any money or time on their vehicle fills them with dread. Thus, they would never wish to own a classic car, which tend to come with a myriad of hidden problems. However, plenty of people have caught the classic car bug — and it isn’t a new phenomenon, either. Despite the expense, old car collecting has been a popular passion for decades.

While everybody has their personal reasons for buying and restoring classic vehicles, experts share a few common denominators that make these cars irresistible to many.

The Powerful Pull of Nostalgia

Nostalgia can be brought on by many things. For some, it’s the tune of their favorite childhood nursery rhyme. For others, it’s the smell of their mother’s cooking. And for the rest, it’s four-wheeled classics.

Most car enthusiasts start the hobby when they’re a child because their parent, grandparent, or sibling did it beforehand. This love stays with them throughout adulthood, with numerous people searching for a car their dad owned or one driven by their favorite singer, like the BMW 507 Series II Roadster sported by Elvis Presley, to buy and restore.

Certain models can transport individuals to a different time and place in their lives, and it’s hard to say no to the allure of intense nostalgia.

The Unignorably Beautiful Design

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Modern cars just don’t look as good as their classic cousins. Representing a time when designers were willing to try out new, never-seen-before aesthetics, old vehicles have that special something that not even Elon Musk’s Tesla could replicate.

Those who love automobiles for their beauty won’t find any car more alluring than those built in previous eras. Collectors gaze upon classic cars like they’re paintings hanging in The Louvre. After all, they showcase many features the world won’t see again (like pop-up headlamps).

The Yearning to Hold a Place in History

Today’s automotive design and technology originated from classic vehicles, with some models holding a more significant place in history than others. And people want a part of that in their garages.

Those who collect cars for this reason are celebrating the impact a particular model had on the industry. The most popular classics boast unique features that shifted the sector’s direction. Take the Mercedes 300SL, for instance — not only is it deemed the world’s most aerodynamically innovative design, it’s also the first car powered by gasoline to have a fuel-injected engine. What’s not to love?

The Innate Desire to Be Part of a Community

Last but not least, buying a classic car fosters relationships with the small yet tight-knit community of vintage auto enthusiasts. With multiple clubs devoted to restoring old cars, it fulfils human’s animalistic need to be a part of something greater.